Posted by: 500 days of Inspiration | August 24, 2009

Eye candy


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  1. Really liked the photos of the Dandelions and bubbles. And the theme to all the photos was kewl also…… Nice colors ….. The lady in the last photo with heart seems a little sad and gives the impression of having her heart broken…. But then again she could be let down that some tight wad just gave her a wooden heart on a leather lace ! That is what so great about it to me….. Haha I can look at it many times and get a little different meaning…. There you go …. I could be over thinking it a bit….LoL…. Thanks for sharing the photos and I will be back again. I do enjoy looking at the photos and being inspired to think, even though it does cause some pain for some of us men…… :- ) It is worth it….

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