This is… a showcase of visual content related to the movie ‘500 days of Summer’ for inspiration or simply delight of the spectator.


There’s Zooey Deschanel with her saucer-sized blue eyes, her thick bangs and her cute clothes, an excellent soundtrack that includes She & Him, The Smiths and Regina Spektor and a wry look at the down and outs of love.

Summer’s apartment is colourful and electic; old-fashioned yet modern with lots of DIY touches like those fairy lights wrapped around the wrought iron bedframe with its over-sized floral wallpaper, a jewelry tree hung with delicate origami swans and bedding. Tom’s apartment, otherwise a study in browns and beige, redeemed itself with a full blackboard wall.

IKEA plays a role throughout the film as a destination of burgeoning love…and its eventual dissipation.

Stills courtesy of Fox Searchlight



  1. I think this blog is genius! 🙂

  2. I love your blog. It’s perfect for me.

    Te envio la dirección de una tienda que me encanta, espero que te sirva de inspiración Un saludo desde España!


  3. please start upldating this again!
    I really love it. 🙂

  4. YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME 🙂 best movie everrrr!

  5. i love 500 days of summer, it’s one of my favorite movies! and your blog is great! i was looking for good pictures of Summer/Zooey and I found them here!

  6. I adore this blog!!!! 5/5

  7. I just discovered your blog and I love it!! Please post more!!

  8. I really like this blog and I’m so happy that somebody made it! This is my favourite movie by now. Thanks for doing this, it’s a source of inspiration for me!

  9. I love this blog so much I was inspired to write a post about it



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